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Malcolm S Adiseshiah


Dr Malcolm S Adiseshiah distinguished economist and educationist who passed away in 1994 had mandated in his Will that after meeting certain specific commitments,his financial assets should be used to create a trust to be named Malcolm and Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust. His desire was that the Trust should support teaching and research. fundamental and applied, in economics and development studies. He had also specified that Dr. C.T.Kurien and Mr Eric Prabhakar who had been designated executors of the Will should be the founder trustees.
After the formalities connected the execution of the Will were over, The Malcolm and Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust was registered and started functioning in 1999.

Memorial Lectures of Malcolm Adiseshiah

Recent Publication

Development Narratives: The Political Economy of Tamilnadu

Edited by Prof. V K Natraj and Prof. A Vaidyanathan


Development Perspectives: Malcolm Adiseshiah Memorial Lectures

Edited by Prof. R Srinivasan

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